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The MIBTLS's 2nd Annual Workshop on Job Opportunities in International Business and Trade Law

On January 24, 2022, the MIBTLS welcomed panelists Myriam Seers (Savoie Laporte) as well as Professors Andrea Bjorklund and Fabien Gélinas to discuss career opportunities in international business and trade law. 

We would like to thank our panelists for their wisdom and insight, as well as all those who attended.


Technologies Transforming International Trade & Business Law (2nd Edition)

We would like to thank panelists Ryan Clements (University of Calgary Faculty of Law), Max Jarvie (BLG Montreal) and Alix d’Anglejan-Chatillon (Stikeman Elliott Montreal) for their thought-provoking insight into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, and their impacts on international trade, national security and money laundering. We would also like to thank Professor Andrea Bjorklund (McGill University Faculty of Law) for moderating the discussion.

Business Team

The Effects of the U.S.-China Trade War on the Shape of Anti-Corruption Enforcement

The MIBTLS recently hosted a panel discussion exploring how the recent US-China Trade War can help shape anti-corruption efforts and enforcement around the world.

Prof. Andrea Bjorklund (McGill Faculty of Law) moderated the discussion. We would like to thank our panelists: 
- Jerome Beaugrand-Champagne (McGill Faculty of Law)
- Andrew Spalding (University of Richmond Law)
- Dora Wang (Reed Smith LLP)


Workshop on Job Opportunities in International Trade and Business Law

The MIBTLS would like to thank its distinguished panelists for this successful online event:
-Professor Andrea Bjorklund (McGill Faculty of Law)
-Professor Fabien Gélinas (McGill Faculty of Law)
-Jean-Philippe Herbert (World Trade Organization)
-Sophie Roy-Lafleur (Career Development Office)


The MIBTLS Constitution

The MIBTLS is proud to announce that it has officially finalized and published its Constitution.
Check it out by clicking on the "Constitution" link at the top of this page!


Panel: Technologies Transforming International Business and Trade Dynamics

The Event was a success! A big thank you to our panelists Max Jarvie, Alix d’Anglejan-Chatillon and Marc Lemieux for an amazing panel yesterday! Thanks as well to our moderator Prof. Bjorklund; and of course to everyone who came out to the panel!

Model WTO Update

As a consequence of COVID the Model WTO was cancelled for this year, and as such our four impressive delegates were unable to represent McGill in Switzerland. The MIBTLS is very proud of our four representatives and wanted to give them a shout out! Thanks Alida, Valentine, Nikolas and Konrad!

This Year’s Top McGill International Business and Trade Law Society Students

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