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The MIBTLS is a student-run society operating at McGill University’s Faculty of Law. Our primary aim is to promote the study of international business and trade law within the faculty. The Society provides a forum to discuss emerging topics and emphasizes community engagement between interested students, academics, practitioners, policymakers, business people, and transnational corporations.


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The MIBTLS in collaboration with the Faculty, LSA and industry professionals puts on various networking events, panels and events related to international trade law and arbitration. Furthermore, each year the MIBTLS selects and prepares a delegation to represent McGill's Faculty of Law at the Model WTO in Geneva, Switzerland. We also help organise and fund research projects that fall within our fields of interest and keep McGill law students up-to-date on recent developments and events happening internationally that effect international trade law and arbitration. If you'd like to get involved in any way, please feel free to contact us!


Research Projects

If you're interested in pursuing a research paper or project with the MIBTLS, contact our VP Internal at the link below.



If you are looking to get involved with the MIBTLS as a collaborator feel free to contact us at intl-buss-trade.law@mail.mcgill.ca. Check out our other collaborators at the link below!


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Feel free to email us with any questions!

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Mahan Ashouri


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Azar Mahmoudi

VP Finance


Liam Brunton

VP Internal


Paul Trinel

Co-VP External

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Fiona McGuinty

VP Communications


Prof. Andrea Bjorklund

Faculty Advisor


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